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Proactive Alternative Investor Relations

Listed & Unlisted Issuers

Integrating Buyside w/ Sellside Campaigns

… Inorganic Growth

      … Market Capitalization

            … Shareholder Returns

                  … Brand Equity

  • Investor Relation
    • Delivering positioning strategies & outreach campaign strategies
  • Corporate Development
    • Delivering value creation deals
  • Brand Awareness ( Internet, social media, & email marketing)
    • Delivering valuation multiples
  • Capital Markets & Private Markets Execution:
    • Delivering liquidity & shareholder returns
  • Audience Engagement Stage of Brand Equity Development
    • Delivering proprietary deal pipelines
  • Market Capitalization & Gross Margins
    • Delivering Brand Equity

Deal Cycles and Stages of Brand Equity Development

Outreach Campaigns & Systems for Creating & Collateralizing Intangibles
IIECM & Corporate Development Solutions

Equity Capital Market Solutions
Investment Community Brand Awareness
Valuation Expectations & Multiples
Shareholder Base
Trading Volume, Investor Returns, & Liquidity
Share Price Appreciation & Market Capitalization
Institutional Capital
Direct Listings & Ticker Symbols

Corporate Development Solutions
Industry Value Chain Brand Awareness
Strategic Alliance Revenues
Partnership Innovations
Trade Sales
Pipeline Proprietary Deal Flow
IIIData Analytics, Infrastructure, Content, & Metrics

Data Analytics
Industry Research
Industry Value Chain Mapping
Best Practices, Valuations, & Comparable
Institutional Investors
Investment Bank Analysts
Strategic Corporate Investors
Direct Listing Vehicles
Industry Influencers
Associations & Events
Industry Publications

IT Technician
Landing Page
Target Databases
CRM Systems
Email Lists                                                   
Google Ad Accounts
Press Release Account
Social Media Accounts
Level II Trading Account

Brand Positioning Strategy and Talking Points
Market Based Executive Summary
Third Party Business Model Corroboration
Press Releases
Social Media
Interview Dialogue

Expansion Capital
Strategic Alliance Revenues
Partnership Innovations
Deal Pipeline
Share Price
Trading Volume
Bid Ask Spread
Landing Page Hits
New Contact Signups & Information Requests
Newsletter Subscriptions
Social Media Links, Posts, & Comments
News Media Coverage & Quotes
IVIntegrated Campaigns Systems  

Investor Relations & Valuation Expectations
Corporate Development & Value Creation
Brand Awareness & Defining Valuation Multiples
Capital Markets, Shareholder Returns & Liquidity
VOutreach Campaigns

Institutional Investor Private Placements
Revenue Strategic Alliances
Service Offering Partnerships
Direct Listings
Industry Influencer Social Media, & Associations
Events & Sponsorships
Investor Conferences, Newsletters, Online Interviews & Stock Promotions
VIMarket Executions

Stock Market Trading
Private Placements
Private Equity, Venture Capital, & Buyouts
Direct Listings
VIIManagement Consulting Theories, Models & Formulas
Investor Relations, Corporate Development’s Hidden Asset

Boston Consulting Group
Value Creation Model
Total Shareholder Returns Formula
VIIISample Analytics

US Listed PRC Online Gaming Stock
IXSPAC Vulnerabilities and Fortification (Bonus)
Blank Check Direct Listings from Boiler Rooms to APOs & Unicorns
Valuation Multiples, Level II Trading and the Death of the Random Walk
XQ & A   ProAltIR  vs.  IR

Q:  ProActive?
A:  Managing investor expectations by creating news, not just releasing it
A:  Combining strategic with financial investor targets
A:  Expanding brand awareness from the investment community throughout industry value chains

Q:  Alternative?
A:  Managing multiple stages of brand development beyond awareness, including engagement, conversion, utility, and satisfaction
A:  Expanding news distribution platforms
A:  Making news distribution platforms interactive
A:  Engaging and converting targets to define valuation multiples
A:  OK, a bit of mockery for the APO fraudsters, they deserve it!

A:  Innovation!
Q:  #1 answer to Deloitte survey question of America’s leading deal makers regarding the primary objective for their corporate development strategies
Q:  Are you a buyer or seller?