Asia’s marketers lacking confidence to move dollars where consumers are says Google CMO


Marketers in Asian countries with the highest smartphone penetration and use in the world are still lacking the confidence to move more dollars away from traditional media to where their consumers are, the chief marketing officer of Google Asia Pacific said yesterday as the internet giant released the results from its annual Consumer Barometer report.

The gap between where marketing dollars are spent and where consumers now spend their time has been created partly by the assumption that the role of digital is to convert audiences into sales and not build brands, Kahn suggested.

“Most of the time, money is spent on TV and print to drive awareness, not conversion. Historically, marketers thought about digital as the conversion play, not to build brand equity,” he said.

The transition among marketers from “saying digital is not just about driving customers to buy my products, but to build a brand, has been slower than we’d thought,” said Kahn.