E-exporting: They’re Looking at Us. Is it SEO or Something We Said?


Website visibility is critical to any online enterprise. It’s an absolute given, and this applies as much to local language export – e-export – websites as it does to any domiciled web presence you may have.

Because, without that vital visibility any e-export website and associated marketing communications will almost certainly be rendered ineffective, or at best inefficient. This means that local language on-page search engine optimization is critical to your e-export success.

This means there is a critical requirement for local language on-page SEO. But this requirement goes way beyond simple literal translation of your existing, domiciled content as, whatever else happens, you will need to engage culturally – in other words, fully – with your target audience.

It was Stephen Hawking who said: ‘We are all different. There is no such thing as a standard or run-of-the-mill human being, but we share the same human spirit’. This is profoundly true in terms of individual target engagement, and on a multi-cultural level it has equal and critical resonance.

So how to achieve visibility, cultural resonance and target engagement? Translating a few select key phrases in your domiciled website in an attempt to search optimise your e-export sites is a bit like doing flag semaphore in the dark. It will be slow, no one will see it, no one will engage with it. You need powerful target market engagement, and this means cultural resonance.