eCommerce has gone global

As domestic markets develop, consumers armed with various devices and payment methods have become increasingly familiar with the mechanics and benefits of shopping virtually. In parallel, the Internet has raised awareness of new online shopping destinations. Brands and products not available in their own markets become visible, desirable, and available. What may seem like a good deal at home sometimes doesn’t look as good when compared with superior offers from abroad that may not have been accessible a few years ago. The result is that consumers around the globe, armed with information and means, are shopping cross-border, seeking hard-to-find items and looking for deals. Small and medium-size enterprises (SMEs) have seized upon this opportunity. For many, cross- border trade has become a highly important revenue stream too valuable to be ignored. However, in order to succeed in the competitive online retail market, SMEs must address logistical and reputational obstacles that their larger competitors don’t face.


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