Global Spotlight: Japan


A major contributor to Japan’s reputation for technological innovation is its development and embrace of the cloud and Software-as-a-Service development, placing the nation in a top position to bring new solutions to the enterprise.


A recent report published in April by ITR Market Review found that Japan’s businesses are turning towards the Software-as-a-Service market to offer enterprise cloud tools; analysts predicted a 36.6 percent growth in Japan’s SaaS market for this year.


The SaaS trend has materialized in an array of industries, most notably in the cloud-based travel and expense management services sector, currently dominated by Concur.


“Japanese companies are shifting to more profit-based structures and focusing on overhead cost management,” said Concur Japan CEO Masamune Mimura in an earlier interview. “In particular, companies are working to improve travel and expense management with a view to raising working productivity of employees, implementing governance controls at a global level and making expense expenditures more transparent.”


Japan has established a reputation as the home of some of the world’s most sophisticated technology and innovation. Even the nation’s SMEs are expected to invent and foster the newest tech and share it with the world. But at home, Japan has only just begun to emerge from a recession, meaning small businesses are in need of support to strengthen their cross-border trade. Luckily, both the government and the private sector have stepped up to help.