Hong Kong SMEs must dare to tap the global market

All around Hong Kong, however, there are many more businesses that could shine on the international stage – unique fashion designs and crafts, “select shops” carrying only the coolest electronic gadgets and tasty edible treats as good as you’d get anywhere in the world. As an international city, fluent in English, Putonghua and Cantonese, small services companies and freelancers are bridging business cultures, translators for example, but only doing so in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong has unique intercultural and language skills, is internet savvy, boasts a sophisticated and fast logistics system and operates as a low-tax, free port. Hong Kong is fashion- and trend-forward. Most importantly, Hong Kong’s businesspeople are deservedly known for their ingenuity and resourcefulness. By all rights, Hong Kong should be one of the places in the world benefiting most from booming cross-border online commerce.

Of course, enterprises need to start with products suitable for international markets and fairly good English skills. Armed with these basics, there is plenty of help at hand. The government is helping businesses expand through its Export Marketing Fund. And companies like my own, which works in over 200 markets in the world, are happy to share our knowledge of international markets and customer preferences.