How Social Signals Affect Brand Perception


At SMX Advanced in Seattle this month, Lin Huang, senior data scientist at Microsoft, presented an intriguing experiment the company has been running. It involves analysis of social media to provide actionable product and brand insights.

The goal of the method of analysis it has developed is to help brands better target ad spend and ad content to their core strengths as seen by their customers and fans.

Opinions expressed about a brand or its products by people in the social circles of a buyer can play a major role in the buying decision. What is too often overlooked is how valuable those same opinions might be for identifying brand/product strengths.

Social media is not really a competitor to search engine marketing (SEM). In fact, social media can actually be a rich source for advertising content in at least three ways.

In summary, social signals can help brand owners understand what really resonates about their brand and products, as well as how they are judged by real people compared with competitors.