Internet opens the world to SMEs

With physical and virtual networks now more converged and ubiquitous than ever before, it is easier than ever for small and medium-sized enterprises to tap into the huge business opportunity of cross-border e-commerce.


Connectivity can be seen as the great leveler. Savvy SMEs are using this opportunity to break into new markets, triggering explosive growth in the e-commerce sector. By some estimates, global business-to-consumer e-commerce sales will total $2 trillion in 2015, up from $1.5 trillion last year. In the retail sector as a whole, e-commerce is driving the majority of all new growth


Clearly, this explosive growth is something that no global express logistics player serving SME e-tailers can afford to ignore. To better understand global consumer behavior around cross-border e-commerce, as well as that of SME e-tailers, Federal Express Corp commissioned Forrester Consulting to evaluate what is accelerating and slowing these buying and selling behaviors.



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