Research and Strategy Development  (Month 1)

US and PRC Industry Analysis, Public Company Comparables, Site Content, Positioning Strategy, Outreach Targets and Databases (Investment Banks, Premium IR Services, Private Equity, and US Corporate Peers for JVs)

Outsource Cluster of Premium IR Services  (Months 1 to 2)

Interview, Negotiate, Budget and Strategize

Build Interactive Virtual US Presence  (Months 3 to 4)

Website, Social Media and Internet Marketing Accounts

Market to Build US Audience  (Month 4)

Press Releases, Email and Social Media Marketing, Google Ads, Search Engine Optimization, Outreach to Private Equity and Joint Venture Targets

Engagement of US Audience  (Month 4)

Shareholders, Social Friends, Due Diligence for PIPE and JV Targets

Transactions  (After Month 6)

PIPE, Uplist, Joint Venture, Secondary Public Offering