PPV Webinars

ProAltIR™ Webinar Series 
Below please find the schedule for George Raney’s proactive alternative investor relations (ProAltIR™) pay per view webinar series to foster 2016 corporate development strategies.
The series is geared toward members of corporate development teams of US listed global SMEs and ADRs, as well as academics fostering domestic and global equity capital market development.
For live access to webinar presentations, please contact:
George Raney
For academic programming content providers, venue hosts or sponsorship opportunities within referenced time zones, please contact:
Professor Imogen von Tannenberg, PhD

PPV Webinar Schedule

 Tuesday Managing Your Virtual USA Presence  
 Aug 17, 2015    Can it be done remotely?
  Registration open
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  (maximum 2 IP addresses)


 Tuesday  Corporate Development 
 Sept 14,  2015                            Cross border cross functional team management and    synergy integration capture
  Registration opens September 7th


 Tuesday Positioning Strategies
 Oct 12, 2015   Valuation multiples and brand equity
 Registration opens October 5th


 Tuesday Level II and Measuring Positioning Strategies
 Nov 17, 2015         Market makers make the rules
 Registration opens November 10th


 Tuesday Selling Equity and Adding Value 
 Dec 15, 2015 Public vs. private offerings
 Registration opens December 8th


 Budapest     St. Petersburg     Abu Dhabi      Urumqi          Tokyo       
 10 AM      12 Noon  1 PM  5 PM 6 PM
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