Institutional ownership by mutual funds, analyst coverage, and joint ventures are prestigious
achievements that maximize valuations of US listing.


Month 1                     ProAltIR™ Engagement

Months 1 to 2            M&A, Joint Venture and Private Equity Targets

Months 1 to 2            Research and Positioning Strategy Development

Months 1 to 2            Outsource Cluster Premium IR Services

Months 2 to 3            Build Interactive Virtual US Presence

Months 4                   Brand Awareness Campaign

Months 4                   Engagement Industry Influencers

Months 4                   Liquidity, Shareholder and Share Price Growth

Months 6 to 24          M&A, Joint Venture, Private Placement

Month 12 to 16          Regain Listing or Uplist

Months 12 to 24        Institutional Research (Analyst Coverage)

Months 12 to 24        Secondary Public Offering

Months 12 to 24        Institutional Shareholders (Mutual Funds)

Months 12 to 24        Remove “Penny Stock” Stigma (Achieve $5)